The Ultimate London Guide

England is my second home and I am so excited to post about all the wonderful things to do in London. If you have any questions or want more ideas feel free to contact me on here or send me a message on Instagram!

Borough Market-This is a MUST! This has all the best food located in one spot. It is busy so prepare yourself but it is so worth it! I always go and buy as much as I can and taste test it all. My favorite food spots at Borough are: Pieminsiter(pictured), Khanom Krok(pad thai and coconut pudding pictured), The Free From Bakehouse(gluten free desserts), The Cider House, Hobbs Meat Roast, and Mountain’s Boston Sausage. There are also many fresh juice stands so grab one to drink while you walk around. These are all the delicious ones I have tried but there are many more to explore!

Afternoon Tea

fullsizerender-2Claridge’s(pictured)- Claridge’s has such an amazing tea. There are so many tea choices, delicious tea sandwiches and the BEST desserts. The service here was amazing and was a fun place to go for a fancy afternoon tea. It has wonderful high end shopping close by so it made for a fun afternoon exploring. Make reservations in advance.

Fortnum and Mason– Fortnum and Mason tea is classic, beautiful and absolutely delicious! They have an amazing coronation chicken sandwich that is my favorite. Fortnum and Mason tea room is a classic fun way to take a break from shopping! Make reservations in advance.


FullSizeRender 8.jpg

Inamo-Inamo is by far the coolest restaurant ever. The table has a projector that shows on each persons table setting. You can play games with your table, look at what the food would look like on your plate, and so much more! I could sit at this restaurant playing around on the table for hours.

Brick Lane– Brick Lane is notorious for having the best indian food restaurants all on the same road. Be prepared to have men stand out front each restaurant offering deals to try and get you to eat at their restaurant. Don’t feel pressured to eat anywhere. Walk and look at the restaurant before you make your choice! Going on a Sunday is my favorite time to visit Brick Lane as there are markets going on that are fun to go in and shop at. These include food, clothing and music markets.

The White Horse– This is a pub located in Parsons Green. They have fresh pub food, cider, and beer. They also have a wonderful, traditional Sunday Roast here that is a must. Parsons Green is an upscale and beautiful neighborhood in London so wander around while there! There are some great little shops in Parsons Green.

Bluebird-Bluebird is located on the best shopping street in London, Kings Road. When you go make sure you have plenty of time before or after to wonder around and shop. Kate Middleton is a local shopper around here so keep your eyes out for here. Bluebird is a local favorite and you will be able to see why. The food is fresh and top quality. Definitely try to make a trip here.

Pizza Express– This is a chain pizza restaurant and they are located everywhere so they are easy to find. Their pizza is always consistent and delicious without being too expensive. Their Padana pizza is my favorite because I love anything with goat cheese!

Restaurant Ours– Make a reservation in advance if you are going to go here! Ours has some of the most beautiful food presentation I have seen. The food is delicious, fresh and unique. This is definitely and expensive restaurant so prepare accordingly but it is so worth it. I can see why Pippa Middleton and her fiance eat here. The restaurant is a beautiful atmosphere as well which make you not want to leave.



Spitalfields– Go to Spitalfields on a Thursday for their Antique market. It is a great option on a rainy Thursday as it is inside. This market is a favorite of mine because it is not as busy as most London Antique Markets! Always try to get a lower price and never take the first offer on an item.

Portobello– Be prepared for crowds and get their early! Portobello has many wonderful stalls and every year I always get an antique clock here so keep your eyes open for some of their many beautiful clocks they have! Haggle, Haggle, Haggle here! If you keep walking down the road, you will end of at the food market which will not disappoint. Look for an arepa food stall which has a delicious taco type food which I would totally recommend.


Buckingham Palace– Buckingham palace is absolutely beautiful. Try to be there for changing of the Guards which happens everyday at 11am. Make sure to try to get up at the front so you can see. At certain points of the year you can go inside and I definitely recommend doing this. The palace is beautiful inside and there is so much to see! You also get to walk around the garden in the back which is quite big.

Kensington Palace– Kensington Palace is my favorite. Yes, I even like it more that Buckingham. I always have a picnic out front of Kensington and sit in the gardens for a bit as it is so relaxing here and gorgeous. If you want to do a picnic there is a Whole Food almost across the street from the palace which has many great foods to bring over. Many people have picnics here, play games and just hang out here in nice weather. There is also an Orangery on site where you can sit and have a wonderful, royal tea. Take time to walk around the palace outside, the pond, and some of its gardens. Next to Kensington Palace is a road that has many embassy’s which are really beautiful and I would recommend taking the time to walk up it. It is often called “Billionaires Row.”

Sightseeing Spots

Tower of London-Make sure to take the time to see the Crown Jewels. These are gorgeous and are worth the trip!

London Bridge– Walk across and yes, you must listen to London Bridge by Fergie while doing so.


British Museum– The British Museum is free so take the time to walk around and look at all the art. Walk around Trafalgar Square out front. You can even crawl on top of the giant lion statues for a memorable photo!

Big Ben– This is a must. If you walk down on the road across from Big Ben like you are walking towards Westminster Abbey you will come to a Phone booth and have a perfect photo op! With the red phone booth and Big Ben all in one photo!

Westminster Abbey-Visit where Prince William and Kate got married. It will not disappoint. If you do not want to pay the entry fee then go walk around it as the architecture is beautiful. There is a small chapel out the front entrance of the abbey that is free and is worth a quick visit inside. You can even go to evensong at Westminster for a free view and service at Westminster…just don’t go when tired as it is candle lit, beautiful singing and a calm atmosphere. Ha! (Look online for evensong times before you go as times vary and are typically in the early evening.)

London Eye– If you do not like heights then do not do this. But, London Eye has some of the best views of london. Look for Buckingham Palace, The shard, Gherkin and get an amazing view of Big Ben and Parliament!

St. Paul’s Cathedral– St. Paul’s is beautiful. If you are between here and Westminster Abbey though I would say do Westminster over here. If you do both, climb to the top and go outside for a beautiful view.


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