5 Ways to Make the Gym a Routine

Did you set yourself a New Year Resolution to go to the gym more? How’s that going? If you are anything like me and hate the gym then here are some tips that have helped me make the gym a routine and learn to love going!

  1. Schedule what days you are going to the gym and what you are going to do that day. I type out my schedule in the notes section of my phone and make sure I stick to it. If I do all the workouts that week then I treat myself however I choose on Sunday. It is so much easier when you go to the gym knowing what you are going to do. If I don’t plan it out then I just go the gym and waste my time. Trust me, planning before going helps so much!
  2. Find a workout you LOVE! For me, I love doing Kayla Itsines BBG. I have the print manual and the Sweat With Kayla app. I love the app and it motivates me during the week but is $20 a month. If you think the manual would work for you then try that. This workout changes each week so I don’t get sick of doing these workouts. They are very challenging which has been great to push myself. Check out my post about BBG here for more info.


3. Mix it up! Doing the same workouts each week can get boring. Try new workouts, go on a walk outside instead of on the treadmill,  or try a new class. Switching things up can help you not get bored with your routine. I go to kickboxing class when I need a change and I LOVE it! I go to Title Boxing Club in Dallas and it is great workout.

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4. Create milestones! I have a wall in my room that after each time I work out I cross out a day. When I workout for 50 days, I am going to get me a Sprinkles Cupcake(yummm) and at 100 days I am going to buy me some new workout clothes. Treats like this that you can look forward to help motivate you!


5. Find a workout buddy. My sister and I go to the gym together a few days a week and it helps to have her to make me go on days that I just want to sit on the couch and watch American Housewife(the best). Having this accountability has been so helpful! The great thing is, your buddy can be anyone! In the past, I have gone to boxing with co-workers(below), made friends at the gym, and trainers.


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