Battle Of The Best Conditioners

For years I have always bought the conditioner that smells the best. So, over the past month I have decided to try new conditioners and see what works best for my hair. I have used each conditioner for about a week to test and see which works best. Below is what I found!

R+Co ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditioner 

Pros: This conditioner smells AMAZING which initially drew me to try it plus I love R+Co products. The conditioner foams when you put it in and is built to smooth and soften coarse hair. This conditioner made my hair soft and added volume which my hair can always use more of. I would recommend this product for all hair types because it helped tame the frizz of my naturally wavy hair and added the perfect amount of bounce.

Cons: This conditioner is expensive and I need a good bit of the conditioner to really blend in my hair so it does not last long.


Aussie total miracle 7N1

Pros: This conditioner has a lot of great qualities about it including it’s low price. The conditioner is made to smooth, strengthen, and detangle hair and it definitely did all of these for my hair! I loved using this conditioner and felt my hair looked shinier after because of using it.

Cons: I felt that this product didn’t add any volume to my hair and made it look a bit more flat. I added in some texturizing spray to my hair and all was good again!


Dove Regenerative Nourishment

Pros: This product made my hair shine and added a bit of health back to my hair. This would be a great product to use if you have color damaged hair that is in need of some nourishment.

Cons: For me, this conditioner did not make my hair soft and voluminous like the other products did. It did make my hair shiny and healthy looking but the other conditioners did this as well. I was more impressed with how the other two conditioners did all of these.


Redken Clear Moisture

Pros: I have used this product on and off for years and it has always done the job. It has always made my hair shiny and healthy looking. The product smells nice like all Redken products and does the job of adding some softness to my hair.

Cons: This product is thin and runny so you do need more of it to cover your hair. I do have to use a spray prep product after using as it does tend to make my hair tangly when drying my hair. That being said, I prefer the Aussie and R+Co conditioners over this.


Try and test each product for about a week to see which works best for you and let me know. Enjoy!

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