A Foodie Guide to Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of my favorite places to visit. It has beautiful mountains, great shopping, is laid back, walkable and has AMAZING food!

I typically go to Santa Fe a few times a year and have been going since I was a kid. Santa Fe is a place close to my heart and is one of the few places I can truly relax. So, I have decided to write a guide to some of the best restaurants! If you want a city guide, comment below and I will write one soon.

The Teahouse- Y’all…you must go here! It is amazing! I am gluten free and they have tons of options including desserts. This restaurant has the best healthy yet amazing food out there. We always eat here at least once a day whether it’s for brunch, lunch or dinner.  If you go here, get the Coconut Cream Pie (it is heavenly)! If you go on a nice day be sure to sit outside and enjoy the sun. You need to wait sometimes for a table but stand around and grab one when it opens up.


The Shed- The Shed is quite a big restaurant but you still need to make a reservation.  If you don’t you will be waiting around for hours! If you forget, get there about 5 or 5:30 to get your name on the list and do some shopping around the square while you wait for a table. Be warned…they say the sauce for enchiladas, etc. is mild but it is very spicy (both the red and green sauces)! I always ask for a minimal amount if I order something that has a sauce – or ask for it on the side. If you go for lunch, try and sit outside as there are beautiful vines and trees in the courtyard around you. There are several stores around to browse through while you are waiting on the table.  Many gluten free options here!


Maria’s- Make a reservation. When you sit down here they bring you sopapillas which look amazing (not gluten free)!  Make sure to try the vegetarian tamales as they are the best I have ever had…even if you get them for an appetizer they are a must! The mild sauce is extremely spicy here, too so I always ask for no sauce! If you don’t like extremely spicy then make sure to ask for no sauce. Get a margarita and enjoy the AMAZING food!


La Choza- Can you tell I love Mexican food? La Choza is another great option for Mexican food. You will still need to make a reservation here. Their enchiladas are some of my favorites so make sure to try them out! Sit down and enjoy the quirky atmosphere and amazing food!


Santa Fe Farmers Market- The farmers market has so many amazing produce options with a lot of organic items as well. You can eat breakfast or lunch here as there are a few options like the amazing Frito Pie and breakfast pastries. We typically get fresh fruits and vegetables here to make a healthy lunch or dinner that day.  Don’t miss the roasted peppers.  They roast them fresh and the smell in the air is so nice.  These are great on pizzas, in scrambled eggs and many other recipes.  They freeze well, too.  There are plenty of options so you can do all of your grocery shopping here!


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