5 Must Have’s To Take Abroad

While living in England, I was fortunate enough be be able to travel around Europe and the world. Through trial and error I learned what exactly I needed. There were many times when I was left without what I needed and had to figure it out which is often times hard to do abroad. Below I have compiled the five most important items to take when traveling! Comment below if you think of anything I should add!


  1. Unlocked phone– I had my phone unlocked and in each country I travel to I get a SIM card. This lets me use the internet, maps, make calls, anything I need! In Dallas, I go to iFix. It costs anywhere from $20-$100 depending on the phone and how complicated it is to unlock. It is so worth the cost as I am able to call a taxi when needed, look up walking directions, places to visit, etc. when traveling. If you are flying into an airport abroad most have stores that sell SIM cards. Look for the best deal and one that provides all the services that you need like internet, call minutes, texting ability.
  2. Umbrella– Take a compact umbrella. In many places in Europe in can start to rain without any notice. If you take a small umbrella keep it in your purse so you are ready! This is my favorite umbrella to trek around and has saved me many times! 
  3. International Power Adapter– Don’t forget to take you adapter! They are expensive abroad so this is a must. I always take two just incase something happens to one of mine. I always take this one that I bought on Amazon and have never had a problem with it plus it works just about everywhere which is a big bonus!

4. Extra copies of all travel documents and passport– Always take photocopies of all your tickets, travel documents and passport. These are vital to take incase any problems come up with booking or you misplace or lose your passport. I usually take 3-4 copies of each and store them in different places incase something gets lost or stolen.

5. Several pairs of walking shoes– It decided to rain one day and you brought only one pair of walking shoes? Too bad, you have to wear them the next day when they are still wet. Trust me, it is the worst to walk around in wet shoes for two days while sightseeing. Bring several pairs of walking shoes as you will be walking around more than you can imagine on roads, cobblestones, public transit and many more places. Make sure if you get new shoes you wear them around and break them in before going. My favorite shoes I travel in are here, here, and here!

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