Europe Packing Essentials

You’re headed to Europe! Europe is a place full of history, charm, and amazing food. Packing for Europe can be a tricky part of the planning so I decided to help you with a packing essentials list!

This list is for those traveling in the summer because if you are going in the winter you will need to dress warmly as it can get quite cold.

The trick to packing for Europe is to take items you can wear several times because if you don’t, your suitcase will be heavy and hard to lug around while traveling!


Okay, so here we go…

  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 necklaces
  • 1 pair of statement earrings
  • 5 basic everyday shirts
  • 2 dressy shirts
  • 2 cardigans
  • 1 summer jacket
  • 3 shoes
  • Basics (socks, underwear, bras, toiletries)


Everyday Jeans

High-Rise Blue Wash Jeans – These jeans are perfect for everyday wear, and the dark color helps if you happen to spill a little wine 😉 .

Black Jeans – These distressed jeans are super cute and comfortable to wear all day and are Europe-trendy as well!

Fancy Pants

Velvet Skinny Jeans – Take these jeans to wear for a fun meal out. Match with the heels below and you are ready to go.



Walking Shoes

Tieks – These shoes are so worth the price! I wear these to teach in all day, on my traveling adventures, and anytime I can and I have never have had a problem with them. They are incredibly comfortable and durable.  These are perfect for sightseeing adventures.

Converse – …Because who doesn’t love Converse? Converse sneakers look great to walk in all day and if it’s rainy, they are perfect to walk through puddles because of their little platform. 

Cooler Day Shoes

Toms Wedge Booties– If it’s a little cooler or you want a little something different, these Toms booties are comfortable with a little added flair because of the wedge. 

Night-out Shoes

Heels – Don’t wear these for sightseeing-only for a fun dinner or night out, but enjoy how stunning you will look!  



3-4 basic shirts

Cute t-shirt – This t-shirt is perfect for those traveling days when you want to be comfortable yet stylish at the same time. 

Peplum top – This top is casual but fun because of the peplum. It is cute on everyone and perfect with the Giving keys necklace for a day of sightseeing. 

Bell Sleeves – Can I just wear this shirt all the time? This gray will go with everything and can be dressed up or down so it’s a perfect transitional piece to take!

Lace-up – Lace-up tops are perfect and stylish everywhere right now. With this top you will fit right in with the locals and won’t look like a tourist because you will look stylish and fun!

1-2 Dressy Shirts

Silk bell Sleeves – …Because we all want some fun dinners out in Europe! Pair this with the velvet Madewell jeans and you will look stylin’!

Off-the-shoulder top – This top would be great for a night out or for a fun day of sightseeing.



Lace mini dress – At dinner people in Europe tend to make it more of an occasion than in America. You will want a dress that’s beautiful and classic.

Drop-waist dress – This dress would be perfect for dinner, sightseeing or a fun girls night out. Pair with everything from Converse to heels. 


Jacket and Cardigans


Everyday Jacket – The wind can sometimes make it chilly during the day in Europe, so at night you will want to have an everyday jacket to have with you just in case it get a bit chilly. 



Warm cardigan – Cardigans will be your friend in Europe! As I mentioned above with the everyday jacket, it can quickly get chilly as the sun goes down or when it is a bit windy, so take a cardigan. 

Ruffle trim cardigan – This cardigan will keep you warm, stylish, and is a great transitional piece. 




Giving Keys Necklace – This casual necklace can go with any of the everyday shirts above! 


Simple Earrings

Studs – Wear studs daily as long earrings can get tiring and annoying during a full day of sightseeing and adventures. 

Druzy Studs


1 pair fancy earrings

Tassle Earrings – These earring are gorgeous! Wear them with any of the dresses for a gorgeous outfit. 


1 watch

BLAAX watch – Please don’t be late for a train or plane and make sure to wear this beautiful watch!


1 umbrella

Folding compact umbrella – In Europe it can rain without notice, so make sure to carry around a compact umbrella in your purse at all times to avoid getting soaked. 


Crossbody Purse

Marc Jacobs Crossbody – Pickpocketers are out in Europe, so in order to avoid having anything stolen, wear a crossbody purse with it in front of you. Pickpocketers are quick, so make sure that on packed public transport or busy streets that you keep your hand on top of the zipper. I have always done this and have never had anything taken! 

*Budget Crossbody option


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