What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

Hi, my name is Molly and i’m addicted to Netflix. 

Looking to sit back and relax this weekend? Here’s the perfect list for you of Netflix watches you might not have seen or heard of!


Roman Holiday– Please watch this. This movie is a classic romance starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn and it’s in Rome so you can’t turn it down. 

Mostly Martha– This movie is just as charming as it is enjoyable. It revolves around a rigid chef with many unsuspected surprises.

Chinese Puzzle– This is definitely NOT your typical romance movie but will keep you intrigued and laughing!



Groundhog Day– A classic funny movie with a weatherman who is living the same day over and over again. 

Bernie– This Jack Black movie is situated in Texas when a man becomes close with a controlling widow. 

About a Boy– If you haven’t seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it NOW!



All Is Lost– Watch Robert Redford figure out what to do while sailing in the middle of the ocean after colliding with a shipping container. This movie is dramatic, action packed and it makes you want to keep watching!

Finding Neverland– This movie has some amazing actors and actresses including Kate Winslet. It is charming, has some surprises and is an enjoyable movie to watch. 

Frida– Watch this Selma Hayek movie about the life and struggles of Frida Kahlo. 



The Italian Job– This movie mixes robbery, deceit, drama, handsome men, and payback all in one entertaining and quick paced movie. 

A Hijacking– Somali pirates and a hijacked ship are all involved in this psychological action packed movie. 

Hot Fuzz– A top cop is reassigned to a quiet town where he is paired with an action seeking partner. These two try to figure out what is happening with some mystery “accidents.”



Hush– If you want to be incredibly freaked out make sure to watch this movie. As a writer retreats to the woods, she is met by a masked killer at her window. 

The Nightmare– This movie is weirdly unnerving. It is about sleep paralysis and the torture that can happen in these peoples minds. I know it sounds lame but give it a chance!

From Dusk Till Dawn– Because it has George Clooney in it…enough said!

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