The Coziest Pajamas

Am I the only one who comes straight home and puts on their pajamas? After a long workday, I am so ready to come home, put on my pajamas and make me some tea. So, for all you other pajamas lovers I have made you a list of my favorite and coziest! 

J. Crew Dream Cotton Pajama Set– These bad boys are $78 which is expensive, I know, for pajamas but they are so worth it! There are so many reasons these are best sellers. They are soft, flattering, durable, and perfect for all seasons. 

Eyelet Pajamas– How cute are these pajamas?! There are the ultimate summer pajamas as they are lightweight. But, I love wearing these as they are so cute and great for those warm summer nights. The cotton is also soft but is a little on the thin side!

Blush Pink Pajama Set– Who can beat $19.99 for these adorable blush pink pajamas? Target always wins in my book! Again, these pajamas are soft, an amazing price and too cute! I sized up one size in these because I was afraid they would shrink when washed and I am glad I did. 


Rosé All Day Sweatshirt Okay… so I don’t have this sweatshirt but I NEED it! I mean don’t we all wish we could have rosé all day? Plus, who doesn’t love a good sweatshirt??

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