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Europe is one of my favorite places to go and travel around. I have been fortunate enough to be able to go to Paris a few times and explore. Each time I go I love to try new things! So, I have compiled together a list of all of my favorite places to eat, stay and do in Paris! What have you loved to do in Paris?


Paris can be an expensive place to stay so do your research to find an area you want to be in and search for the best options. For me, I love to stay in the Champ de Mars area which is just a short walk to the Eiffel Tower. 

Relais Bosquet Hotel– This is where I have stayed the past several times because I love the area that it is in. The hotel is surrounded by restaurants, bakeries, shopping and has great walkability. I feel safe in there area walking around at night as well which is a must! The hotel also has some apartments you can rent if you need a bigger space that are down the street from the hotel. We have done this before and it was an excellent option! The hotel isn’t anything fancy but it has everything you need and is in an amazing location. 

Hôtel Du Champ De Mars– Though I have never stayed here, I have walked inside and the inside was inviting, beautiful, well kept and very Parisian. This hotel is also in the Champ De Mars area and is in a great location!

Hotel Monge– I have never stayed here but I have walked past it many times. This hotel is in the Latin Quarters not far from the Seine River and several beautiful gardens. It also has many amazing reviews and is in a beautiful location. 


In my opinion, Paris has some of the most amazing food in the world and has beautiful restaurants to eat in. My favorite are to find restaurants where you can sit outside and people watch. 

Au Petit Sud-Ouest– This restaurant is in the Champ De Mars area and has a wonderful outdoor seating area that I would recommend trying to get a table at. This restaurant is wonderfully French and has some amazing food. 

Les Apotres de Pigalle– Please do yourself a favor and eat here! This is a Tapas Bar and Restaurant and has so many delicious options. Book yourself a table ahead of time as this gem fills up quickly. Make sure to get a dessert while here as well! 

Le Cafe Popote– This place worth a trip and make sure you get some delicious coffee while you eat. There are some great options but I love their hamburger and “frites”. You will not regret it!

Ladurée– This is such an iconic stop in Paris! You can stop in and just buy some macaroons and desserts or you can sit down and eat. I have done both and you can’t go wrong with either. Going here is an absolute MUST! Ladurée has some of the most famous macaroons in the world so when you go make sure you get a few! 



There are so many amazing things to do in Paris! Make sure to plan what all you want to do so that you can make sure you have time to do all your musts. 

Eiffel Tower– How can you go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower? I love to go multiple times while there because it is a beautiful area. There are parks around and many people hanging out and enjoying them. Make sure to take a picnic and some french wine early one evening and stay around until the lights are turned on and the Eiffel Tower sparkles around 5pm. Make sure you keep your belongings near you as there as many people wandering around and many men selling wine, souvenirs and more. Be aware here! 

Louvre– Be prepared to wait awhile to enter the Louvre. It can take awhile but is so worth it. It costs around 17 euros per ticket but will take several hours to wander through. Make sure while here to see the Mona Lisa! 

Notre Dame– Take time to look at all the amazing detail on the outside of the Notre Dame. It is an amazing work of art and architecture and is absolutely amazing looking at night as well. 

Arc De Triompe– The Arc De Triomphe is the the Champs Elysees area and is beautiful. You can pay to climb to the top and I would recommend doing this around 5pm as you can see the Eiffel Tower and a lot of Paris at night shining below. While here, take the time to shop the Champs Elyseés area as there is so much amazing shopping! 

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