Best London Restaurants

London is my home away from home and I love going back to visit every summer. I can’t wait to go back this summer and see my friends, two of whom are getting married! London is an amazing and special place and I hope you love it as much as I do.

However, England has a pretty bad rep for it’s food because so many people go to tourist trap restaurants. SO, I have decided to write this post to help you fall in love with English food! Let me know what you think!

Keep reading to see all of my favorite restaurants in London!

Floral Wrap Dress  //  Heels

This outfit is the perfect to wear to a fun dinner out in London. It is practical to walk around in, stylish, and black incase you spill any wine. 😉 


Afternoon Tea

Claridge’s (pictured)- Claridge’s has such an amazing tea. There are so many tea choices, delicious tea sandwiches and the BEST desserts. The service here was amazing and was a fun place to go for a fancy afternoon tea. It has wonderful high end shopping close by so it made for a fun afternoon exploring. Make reservations in advance. (Gluten free tea available-let know in advance)

Fortnum and Mason– Fortnum and Mason tea is classic, beautiful and absolutely delicious! They have an amazing coronation chicken sandwich that is my favorite. Fortnum and Mason tea room is a classic fun way to take a break from shopping! Make reservations in advance. (Gluten free tea available-let know in advance)

The Goring– Located inside the hotel where Kate Middleton stayed before her wedding and a favorite of the royal wedding, The Goring has a beautiful and tasty afternoon tea. The atmosphere is beautiful and the food is just as amazing. Come here and enjoy the royal treatment! (Gluten free tea available-let know in advance)


Ethnic Food

Inamo-Inamo is by far the coolest restaurant ever. The table has a projector that shows on each persons table setting. You can play games with your table, look at what the food would look like on your plate, and so much more! I could sit at this restaurant playing around on the table for hours.

Brick Lane– Brick Lane is notorious for having the best indian food restaurants all on the same road. Be prepared to have men stand out front each restaurant offering deals to try and get you to eat at their restaurant. Don’t feel pressured to eat anywhere. Walk and look at the restaurant before you make your choice! Going on a Sunday is my favorite time to visit Brick Lane as there are markets going on that are fun to go in and shop at. These include food, clothing and music markets.

The Churchill Arms– I’m sure you have seen photos of this beautiful pub covered in flowers before. They also have Thai food that is actually pretty good! When you go here, you go for the atmosphere but the food is definitely good! If you go, make sure to make a reservation!

British Food

The White Horse– This is a pub located in Parsons Green. They have fresh pub food, cider, and beer. They also have a wonderful, traditional Sunday Roast here that is a must. Parsons Green is an upscale and beautiful neighborhood in London so wander around while there! There are some great little shops in Parsons Green.

Bluebird-Bluebird is located on the best shopping street in London, Kings Road. When you go make sure you have plenty of time before or after to wonder around and shop. Kate Middleton is a local shopper around here so keep your eyes out for her! Bluebird is a local favorite and you will be able to see why. The food is fresh and top quality. Definitely try to make a trip here!

Pizza Express– This is a chain pizza restaurant and they are located everywhere so they are easy to find. Their pizza is always consistent and delicious without being too expensive. Their Padana pizza is my favorite because I love anything with goat cheese and caramelized onions!

Restaurant Ours– Make a reservation in advance if you are going to go here! Ours has some of the most beautiful food presentation I have seen. The food is delicious, fresh and unique. This is definitely an expensive restaurant so prepare accordingly but it is so worth it. I can see why Pippa Middleton and her fiancé eat here. The restaurant is a beautiful atmosphere as well which makes you not want to leave!



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