Carry-on Essentials and My Favorite Bag!

Hi everyone!

If you know me, you know how much I love to travel! I am always a planner and pack at least a week out but I have a terrible problem…I always overpack!

Last year, I was searching on Pinterest and found an amazing carry-on case that packs away all I need with room to spare. Below I am showing you what I ALWAYS travel with and my amazing carry-on bag that holds all of this goodness! I can’t travel without these essentials and I think you will agree!



Lo and Sons Carry-on Bag  //  Vest (similar here and here)  //  Blush Blouse  //  Madewell Jeans  //  Flats

The Lo and Sons carry-on holds everything plus some. As you can tell, it has an extra compartment at the bottom where you can store shoes or whatever you want. For me, I can’t travel without my full size pillow so I always roll it up and store it in this section so I can take it out if I want to take a nap during my flight. I I can’t rave enough about this bag.. if you couldn’t already tell. 😉        

Carry-on Must Haves

Sound Canceling Headphones– I LOVE these! They are better than most that I have tried and I can’t travel without them. They are perfect for watching movies or listening to music. I also hate flying so they help cancel out all those crazy plane noises that freak me out! 😉

Socks– Planes are freezing and not comfortable places to be. I always travel with socks on incase I need some extra warmth…and I usually do! These are my favorite because they are soft, long and cute to wear. I always slip my shoes back on and these are too thick to make that difficult to do.

Coloring Book– Because coloring is such a great way to relieve stress and help make the time go away quickly. I love this one as it is filled with Bible verses and phrases of encouragement and the pictures are also adorable. Plus it’s on Amazon for a great price!

Jewelry Travel Box (same case, different pattern linked)- I always travel with my jewelry in my carry-on because I want to have it with me and watch after it. This case is small, has great compartments and is perfect to throw in your carry-on. I have had this one for years and I don’t know how I traveled without it before.

Makeup bag (on SALE!)- I take some of my makeup for touch ups after a long flight or early morning flight. This is my favorite size to take along and holds my makeup I need and my beauty favorites I take on every flight (linked below). 

Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray– Airplane air is dry, recyled and just plain gross so I always take this with me. It smells AMAZING and helps me feel refreshed. I typically go to the bathroom and spray it on my face at least once but usually more! 

Aquaphor– Aquaphor is my best kept beauty secret. I have used it every night for the past 10 years and don’t know what I would do without it. Place some on your lips like chapstick and it will do wonders on your lips. I put it on my lips when flying as it helps my lips not to dry out and keeps me looking refreshed. 

Pssssst Dry Shampoo– I use this every night even when I’m not flying. It’s by far my favorite dry shampoo and you can’t beat the price. It adds volume, gets rid of that dirty hair and is so easy to use. I would recommend this product for all hair types as I have used it on myself for so long and my friends with all different types of hair love it too! 

Los Poblanos Lavender Lotion– This lotion is only $4, organic and smells heavenly. It helps combat my dry skin and I use it daily. When it comes to flying I basically bathe myself in it so that the plane air doesn’t dry my skin out. It is the best and I have been to the farm where they make it and I was so beyond impressed with everything that I feel great using it knowing i’m supporting such an amazing company but buying it and using it!


What can’t you travel without?


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