The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift with JORD

I recently got the most perfect gift to give my AMAZING momma on Mother’s Day from JORD Watches and I had to share, it’s just so pretty! This is the Frankie Zebrawood and Champagne watch and it couldn’t be more beautiful. Each JORD watch is handcrafted with sustainable materials. What mom wouldn’t like to wear this while enjoying a few hours in peace and quiet with this beautiful wooden watch on her wrist? It is also so hard coming up with a thoughtful and special gift to give each year that you know your mother will love. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that you are guaranteed to find a watch that is perfect! 

After looking for a special gift, I decided this watch would be perfect to give my mom for all the above reasons. I couldn’t wait until Mother’s Day to give her the watch (whoops!) but she LOVES it so much she’s happy I couldn’t wait! She wears it all the time as she loves how light and unique the watch is.

Now… on to the fun part! You too can own or grab a great Mother’s Day gift since JORD is letting  me giveaway one of these amazing watches!!!  Please simply click this link to enter for you chance to WIN a 100 e-gift card for one of these beautiful and timeless watches or a $25 gift card for just entering! (The giveaway will end in 48 hours!) Don’t forget to enter and share this link with your loved ones so they can have a chance to win too! 

Know someone in your life that would love this unique gift?

Luxury Wooden Watch

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