How I Protect My Phone

How many of you have broken your phone? I know I have shattered my screen multiple times and it’s always the worst! I always try to buy the best case but without breaking the bank. Sooo hard to do when it comes to buying a durable phone case. Well, I recently has CaseApp reach out to me and after doing some research, I was so excited to design my own case and try it out!

If you know me, you know I accidentally drop my phone about 10 times as day…it’s a problem. So, over the past few weeks I have been able to test out my new case and it has perfectly protected my phone. Not even a scratch. 


I know you are wondering about CaseApp, so here’s some information. CaseApp provides an online service that allows you to design custom phone cases and custom laptop skins. I just stuck with the iPhone case because I was in need of a new case!

As for the design process, it’s pretty straightforward. You first choose your iPhone model, and then you can either start with one of the pre-made designs or create an entirely new one from scratch. You can also upload your own pictures to use. It’s pretty cool what you can do in terms of design. I found a picture online I loved an uploaded it onto the case and I couldn’t love it more! 

Once you’re happy with your design, you can proceed to checkout. These phone cases aren’t expensive compared to most at Apple. I paid $34 or my iPhone case. When your case arrives, you will have a case to show off and share that you designed it, how cool!

Now about the case itself! The case is very durable and high quality.  I chose the “tough” version of the case that covers all edges and corners of the phone so it’s just what I needed. Check it out!

To receive 20% off your own case, use the discount code “AMARVELOUSMYSTERY20”. Tag me in your pictures of your completed phone case or laptop skin, I would LOVE to see what designs you come up with!









*This post was sponsored by CaseApp but the review and thoughts are entirely my own!

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