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Happy Saturday! We made it! I hope each of you had a wonderful week. It has been HOT in Dallas recently so I have broken out the summer clothes and am ready for summer to officially start! I am a kindergarten teacher and we now only have 7 days left until summer, woohoo! Anyone else a teacher?


This week, I was reminded at how important it is to smile, speak kindly and to ALWAYS show respect. Living in the South, this has always been something that we are born and raised to do, especially with the friendly attitude so many have here. I always try to leave a smile on someones face after talking to them but sometimes it’s hard…I know! This week, I definitely became frustrated after not being treated well by someone for no reason. I was really upset about it and honestly it really bothered me for awhile. But, who knows what they are going through. Maybe they just got bad news and I was the first person they have come across.But, we are called by Christ to LOVE even when it is hard. Just try to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles and we all deal with it differently. My new goal for myself is to try and leave each person I come across happier or encouraged. I don’t know how I am going to do this but I am going to try! Will you join me?



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