When Life Brings Change

To be honest with y’all, I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile but was a bit apprehensive about it. But, I want to share with y’all some of what’s going on in my life and what’s been helping me through this time of change in my life. Just know that this is what helps me when it comes to change it might be totally different from what helps or could help you. I would love for you to message me and try what help you or comment below!

Okay…so…life has been such a whirlwind for me since graduating college 5 years ago. (I feel old just saying I graduated 5 years ago…) Anyways, I went to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and it was amazing. I then stayed in the area and taught First grade for a year. Towards the end of this year, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an ulcer, a torn ligament in my right foot and then a broken left foot all within a few weeks of each other. SERIOUSLY! So awful.

After all this, I moved to England on a whim and was there two months later. This was after a lot of prayer though! I lived there for a year and it was such an amazing time in my life and I miss it everyday.I am currently crying as I write this on a flight now thinking about how much I miss it! I lived in Brighton, England. A beautiful, small city about an hour south of London by train. It’s along the English Channel and is the cutest/quirkiest beach town you have ever seen. I go back to visit every year and it is always the highlight of the year for me. I would move back in a heartbeat if I could get a work visa but unfortunately these are crazy hard to Americans to get! Well, the year ended and I moved back to Dallas… I had such reverse culture shock that it was so hard getting into the swing of things! When I returned though, I got a job teaching Kindergarten and have been at this school for the last 3 years. It was been a crazy, challenging, learning experience but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My students have taught me more than I could have ever imagined.

During this time, I developed severe anxiety and depression. This was so new to me as I had always been very carefree. Anxiety is now a constant battle I face but have such a wonderful support system. I have very high expectations for myself which I can’t reach always which I have to realize is okay. I constantly face battling my anxiety which is okay. So, change doesn’t help this for me but I am learning to take things as the Lord brings them and to follow his plans as I know He has my best in mind ALWAYS. 

Now, I just turned in my resignation and am moving to another school next year. I have so much excitement about moving to this new school! But, does anyone ever get that pit in their stomach? The one when change is coming or you’re nervous? I hate change, my family and friends know it and I definitely know it. It brings anxiety for me and I love consistency. You would think that after the past five years of moving around and changing jobs that I would be used to it but NOPE. My anxiety flares up, my stress kicks in and I always make myself miserable with the “what ifs”, anyone else do this too?! Even though I am ecstatic about this new adventure, I can’t help but be terrified!

Well, I have learned 3 ways that have helped me destress and enjoy the journey a bit more. These have helped me and hope you find they do the same! Everyone works differently though and they might not but that’s okay, find what works for you!

3 ways to help you destress

  1. Exercise– yep…I said it. I am the last person I ever said would say, “exercise helps, try it out” but it totally does. Boxing and kickboxing for me have been my way to punch out the stress and butterflies and help me to not keep it all in! I go to Title Boxing which has a lot of locations, but there are tons of amazing places out there! TRY IT!
  2. PRAY– Pray about it! I know for some of you, this won’t make sense but for me, this is what has given me a peace about my decision. God has led me to feel such a peace and excitement about changing schools and this new adventure. Through going to Church, reading devotionals and praying, I have truly been able to find comfort in the fact that God has my life planned out. That it’s not in my hands and that the decision has already been made. That I need to trust in Him and His plan for my life! When you do this, so much stress and pressure you put on yourself will be relieved because it’s no longer your burden! 
  3. Take up a hobby or do something you love!– For me, I started this blog and my Instagram, as an outlet for work stress. I have always loved fashion and encouraging others so I decided to give it all a try. I have so much learning to do but it has been the perfect outlet for me. When I get home from work, I don’t stress about my day or everything that’s happening in life. Instead, I work on my social media! Now, I’m not saying everyone should try blogging but I’m saying if you love knitting start a new knitting project, if you love running or walking start a distance or speed goal, whatever it is try something new or dive into a passion you have always had! 

Over the years I have seen how imperfect life can be but this is not a bad thing. Through life’s challenges, I have learned more about myself than I would have without them. I’m not saying they are fun or that you learn something through every curve but keep your eyes open and your head up in these times and life just may surprise you! I know it has for me! 


I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe it even helped you! Please DM or message below and share with me what helps you! 


With Love,

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